Saho Omukai (Clarinet)


Saho Omukai was born in Iwate (Japan). She began playing the clarinet at the age of nine. Shie has studied with Tadao Funahashi, Shingo Kashino, Seiichi Nakajima und Kiyosumi Oguraat at the Musashino Academia Musicae and Iwate University. After graduating from university, she has studies with Naoko Kotaniguchi.

She came to Germany in 2013. She is studying classic music to jazz with Andy Miles, Dirk Schultheis, Jens Singer and Markus Heeb.

Since 2007 she became clarinetist at the Iwate Blas Solisten ( Brass band). Later she became solo clarinetist at the Iwate Philharmonie Orchester.At the moment, she is member of the extra help of WDR funkhusorchestra. She got several prizes of music competitions. International music competition of the Yangtze River (1.Place), classical music competition in Japan (1. Place), music competition for newcomer in Omagari (2.Place) etc.

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