clarinet lesson

  · I do not know that my exercise is correct ...
· Why can not I make progress?
· Why do I often play with sound?
· I want to get more beautiful sound!
· High sound is not good ...
· My finger is too slow ...
· I can not read the sheet.
· I would like to learn a lot of music.


 Do you have such worries and desire, right?

 I have also until now suffering from many problems. I always play the clarinet with trial and error.
That's why I hope my lessons can help you. I try to teach you easily, polite and fun.


I offer professional and friendly clarinet lessons in Düsseldorf for children, adults and beginners. I am currently teaching at home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

· Individual lesson ... 35 € (60min.)

· Monthly price ... (2 times × 60min. / Month) ... 60 €
(3 times × 60min / month) ... 90 €
(4 times x 60min / month) ... 120 €
· Sample hour... 10 € (60min.)

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